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Warmly celebrate Shaoxing Shengbei (1) General fabrics in front of the pattern, color and luster are clearer and more beautiful than the reverse.
(2) Fabrics with stripe appearance and color matching pattern must have clear and pleasant front pattern.
(3) convex and concave-convex fabrics, the front is compact and delicate, with strip or pattern convex, while the reverse is rough and has a long floating line.
(4) Furring fabrics: one-sided fuzzing fabrics, one-sided fuzzing fabrics. The double-sided fuzzing fabric takes the smooth and neat side of the fuzz as the front of the fabric.
(5) To observe the edge of the fabric, the smooth and neat side of the edge is the front of the fabric.
(6) Double-layer and multi-layer fabrics, if the warp and weft densities of the front and the back are different, generally have higher density on the front or better raw materials on the front.


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